Happy ending pala! Babae na binigyan ng P299 engagement ring, pinakasalan ang kanyang nobyo

The P299 engagement ring issue went viral last week after a confession from a netizen circulated on social media.

In the said confession, an anonymous sender said that she questioned her worth after receiving a cheap engagement ring from her boyfriend.


The post sparked a debate among the netizens and discussed if it was only right for a man to give a cheap ring to his soon-to-be-wife.

However, a netizen claimed that she was the one who originally published the said confession and gave an update about the aftermath of her relationship with her partner.

In her post, Eliza Garcia shared with the netizens that she already married her partner a long time ago.


“Matagal ko na yan natanong ang worth 299 pesos ring na yan ngayon lang napost at pinag-usapan. Wala na, kasal na kami,” she said.

She also showed photos to prove that she indeed married her partner despite receiving a cheap engagement ring.

“A ring’s value doesn’t solely determine the depth of one’s feelings or the potential success or stength of a relationship. What’s essential is the intention and the genuine love behind the proposal. A 299 pesos ring can still symbolize love and commitment beautifully. Still, the couple’s mutual understanding and connection truly matters in a proposal,” she wrote.

According to some netizens, they also saw Eliza’s confession last year and it was only reposted by pages, which resulted in it becoming viral again.

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