Buong angkan ng mga Gutierrez, nag-unfollow na kay Sarah Lahbati

After Sarah Lahbati unfollowed all the members of the Gutierrez family, the show business family quickly retaliated by unfollowing the actress on Instagram.

On January 9, 2024, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that the members of the Gutierrez family were already removed on Sarah’s following list, including her husband, Richard Gutierrez, and mother-in-law, Annabelle Rama.


Sarah also changed her Instagram name, removing the initials ‘SLG,’ which means Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez.

Several hours after she unfollowed them, some members of the Gutierrez family also unfollowed Sarah, including her husband.

The said activities between Sarah and the Gutierrez family were a big sign that the situation was worsening.


Sarah’s unfollow spree also coincidentally happened after Richard was spotted with actress Barbie Imperial.

As of writing, the Gutierrez family nor Sarah have yet to give any statement on the issue.

Meanwhile, several entertainment reporters already hinted that the issue between the actress and her husband might reach the court for a possible custody battle.




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