Jam Magno, nagsalita matapos kumalat ang kanyang mugshot

Content creator Jam Magno clarified that she was never put behind bars after a warrant was served to her related to the RA 9262 case filed against her.

In her Facebook post, Jam insisted that she surrendered to the authorities and quickly posted bail worth 72,000.

She also explained why she smiled during her booking procedure.


“I smiled because I am NOT guilty,” said Magno. “Have you ever seen a mugshot that’s much prettier than mine? I surrendered and posted my 72,000 peso bail and did not ask for a discount, escorted by an entire TEAM of Butuan’s BEST. So kalma,” 


“You should post my Miranda right’s video, mas gwapa ko doon. Hahaha! And to be fair ha. Thank you to the Butuan City Police Station 4 for the wonderful experience today. I actually loved it,” she added.

It’s not yet clear who’s the one who filed the charges against Magno, who’s known to be a supporter of the former administration.


Aside from Magno, Dr. Lorraine Badoy, who’s also a supporter of the former administration, was cited in contempt by the lawmakers and was detained.


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