Annabelle Rama nagpatama sa isang ‘makamandag’ na ‘devil woman’

Annabelle Rama captured the attention of the netizens after she posted a cryptic message on her Facebook page.

In her post, Annabelle talked about a woman whom she described as a ‘best liar’ and ‘makamandag.’

She then mentioned a movie of Ben Affleck, and in the end of her post, she asked the netizens to guess who was the woman she was referring to.


“Devil Woman, makamandag, manipulative, BEST LIAR. Please watch Gone Girl sa netflix, makita nyo ang leading lady ni Ben Afflect. I watched it 3 times. Hulaan nyo kung sino ang tinutukoy kung babae na DEVIL WOMAN,” she said.

The post received thousands of reactions from the netizens, and some of them urged Annabelle to stop interfering with the relationship of her son, Richard Gutierrez, and Sarah Lahbati.

“Better be the peace maker if ever something misunderstanding happened to both of them. Besides the children will be the long term affected and when they grow up, this temporary situation could end up a long term trauma to them. I seen kids like that too and I felt sorry to them, be the reason that when they grow up they will hug and thank you for not giving up for them and putting their family back together no matter what.. it’s because you are their loving grandma,” netizen Sheila said.


It can be recalled that Annabelle took a swipe against Sarah and her family, saying that they were the one who caused the issue between the celebrity couple.



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