Rivermaya’s original lead guitarist Perf de Castro slams Rico Blanco’s copyright removal request against him

Rivermaya’s original lead guitarist, Perf de Castro, had expressed his disappointment after his video received a takedown notice from his former bandmate Rico Blanco.

The photo posted by Perf showed the notice he received from YouTube, which asked him to remove his live music video of Rivermaya’s popular song ‘214’ following a request from Rico.


It can be recalled that Perf was one of the original performers of the song, giving the 214 its iconic guitar solo part.

“Rico Blanco wants to give you an opportunity to resolve your copyright issue before your video is removed and a copyright strike applied,” the notice reads.

Photo from Perfecto de Castro/FB

Perf said that he was already given clearance by Distrokid to perform Rivermaya songs.

However, Perf said that he would remove all his Rivermaya-related content due to the notice he received to avoid more headaches.

“Anyway, I’m tired of this. Taking down all Rivermaya related content from all my platforms including the TABs on my website by December 1, 2023,” he stated.


Netizens also noticed that the copyright notice was ‘manually detected,’ it means that someone directly reported the video and asked for a revenue share.


The issue happened amid the upcoming reunion concert of Rivermaya, which Perf was not included.

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