Netizen expresses dismay after a fast food crew goes outside to sell their products

A netizen couldn’t hide his disappointment after he saw a staff of a popular fast-food restaurant.

A video posted by netizen @mavewreak showed a female crew of the said restaurant offering food outside their store.

She also showed the products that their restaurant was being offered.


However, the uploader couldn’t hide its sadness over the state of the said crew, who were supposed to work only inside their establishment.

“Maawa naman kayo sa mga staff nyo?” the netizen said.


Some commenters also expressed their dismay and even asked lawmakers to investigate the said practice of ordering their crew to go outside.

“Hi po, Mr. Senator@senatorjoelv, since kayo po ang Chairman ng Senate Committee on Labor, Employment and Human Resources Development, please paki-tingnan ang isyu na ‘to. Isa itong pang-aabuso. Thank you,” a netizen said.

“Challenging, risky & exhausting job, JFC workers compassionately take care of vulnerable people who cannot care for themselves. Imagine they sacrifice their own money to stay on their job,”Netizen Nel commented.


“Ung manager nito buwaya! Gusto magpasikat sa management kaya gusto lumaki ung sales kaya ganyan pinag gagawa sa mga crew! Dapat makasuhan mga ganyang manager! Mga walang awa,” netizen Yummy remarked.

As of writing, the management of the fast-food restaurant has yet to give any response on the circulating video.

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