Sarah Lahbati removes ‘Gutierrez’ from her Instagram name

Actress Sarah Lahbati made another move on social media, which intrigued many netizens amid her separation rumors with Richard Gutierrez.

On her Instagram, Sarah had already removed the ‘Gutierrez’ from her social media name, which sparked speculations that she was not on good terms with Richard.

Meanwhile, netizens received questions from his fans after he attended their family gathering without Sarah in the picture.


Netizens quickly noticed the post as Sarah was known to be always beside Richard during special events.

Sarah was also a no-show on the birthday of her mother-in-law and talent manager, Annabelle Rama.

The rumors started when the two were not seen together anymore on their social media posts.


They were last seen publicly together during a business launch, but netizens already noticed the distance between the two.

As of writing, people were still waiting on the response from Sarah and Richard about the real state of their relationship.


The two were together since 2012 and tied a knot in 2020.


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