Lolito Go receives criticism from netizens after he calls Miss Universe 2023, having ‘too much inclusivity’

Writer Lolito Go went viral on social media after he criticized the changes that happened on Miss Universe.

This year’s Miss Universe allowed a married contestant, Miss Universe Colombia Camila Avella, two transgender participants, Marina Machete of Portugal, and Rikkie Kollé of the Netherlands, and also let plus-size contestant, Miss Universe Nepal Jane Garrett to compete for the crown.

While many fans celebrated the inclusivity of Miss Universe 2023, Lolito was not impressed with it, saying that it was too much to handle already.

“May transgender na, may mga nanay na, may plus-sized na rin sa Miss Universe. I’m all for inclusivity pero hanggang saan ipipilit ng pageant organizers yung inclusivity na ito just to drive home a romantic point? It becomes predictable na and funny to some extent eh. What’s next? Ano pa ba ang hindi represented–PWDs, buntis, senior citizenz, conjoined twins? Sige lang, try nyo lang kami gulatin every year. Trip nyo yan eh,” said Lolito.

However, some critics of Lolito said that Miss Universe changes were only part of the progression.

“Our society is progressing. This also means that we are continuously asking the meaning of beauty, what it means to become a beauty queen, womanhood, etc. The body of knowledge in rationalizing pageants is expanding and even growing its roots to “cater” this generation’s new thinking and beliefs,” netizen Levi Miscala remarked.

It can be recalled that the CEO of Miss Universe, Anne Jukapong Jakrajutatip, is also a transgender.

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