Gloria Diaz expresses confidence that Michelle Dee will enter Miss Universe top 5:

Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz believed that the current representative of the Philippines for Miss Universe, Michelle Dee, would enter the top 5 of the prestigious competition.

In an interview, Gloria said that the current Miss Universe was very different now compared to her era, giving a bigger chance for Michelle to be crowned.

“Top 5. Because another thing, I told you. Miss Universe now is very commercial. Wherever the pageant sells the most, people go the craziest. Somehow, for some very interesting reasons, come up among the top 5, top 7, top 10,” said Gloria.

She also said that being the daughter of Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez would give Michelle an edge over her competitors.

“Because she’s making waves. She’s the daughter of a past beauty queen. I suppose if my daughter Isabel came in as a Miss Something, the first thing they will talk about is she was the daughter of former Miss Universe. But that’s a negative and a positive. Some people would say, ah just because ganyan dapat manalo?” she stated.

“That is an advantage for Michelle. Of course she had carried herself very well. She’s very smart. I hear answers and I told you, maybe she’s lucky right?” she added.


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