Dalawang estudyante, nakitang wala ng buhay sa loob ng elementary school sa Taguig

Two junior high school students were found lifeless in a building of Signal Village National High School in Taguig City on Friday night. The said students, Nicole Picar, a Grade 10 student, and Irish Sheen Manalo, 13, a Grade 8 student, were found hanging in the Girl Scout office of the said school.

According to the authorities’ report, several witnesses saw the two already preparing to go home around 7:45 PM.

School officials started to search Manalo and Picar when their parents reported that they were still not arriving home.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the two students were not convinced that they would end their own lives as they were known to be dedicated to their studies.

“Our family is asking and begging for your help— to all the classmates, teachers and friends of Irish Sheen Manalo and her classmate, Mary, come forward and tell the truth,” Rhea Manalo wrote.

There were rumors that the school couldn’t provide any CCTV footage as their cameras were not functioning.


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