Sharon Cuneta, nakiusap na tigilan na ang pagkukumpara sa mga anak niya: “Nananahimik kaming lahat!”

Sharon Cuineta asked her followers to stop trying to create animosity between her children.

Through her Instagram post on November 6, 2023, Sharon shared a photo taken during the birthday celebration of her son Miguel.

Her daughters, KC Concepcion and Frankie Pangilinan, who were rumored to have a conflict with each other, didn’t attend the dinner.

It can be recalled that KC and Frankie unfollowed each other on social media due to unknown reasons.

In her message, Sharon vowed to prevent any ‘trolls’ from trying to create issues among her children.

“Even on their birthdays, I will give them all my loving messages not on social media na but in personal notes na lang. To those who find pleasure in hurting the feelings of my family members, please, tama na. Nananahimik kaming lahat and they don’t deserve any negativity. Thank you,” the megastar said.

“Ang katawan ko kasi naging 2 ang pamilya ko. Pero ako ang nahihiya sa mga anak ko kasi nadadamay sila just because I am their mommy…it hurts me. And pls i am not a ‘mamananggal!’ Please, kindly stop making my kids sabong or pinagaaway di naman sila mga manok. Ngek. Peace na please,” she added

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