Dating partner ni Pambansang Kolokoy na si Miss Grace, in-enjoy ang gabi kasama ang kanyang ‘date’

The former partner of Joel ‘Pambansang Kolokoy’ Mondina, Grace Mondina, formerly known as ‘Marites,’ enjoyed the night with her date.

In her Facebook post, Grace shared that she was already dating someone several months after she got separated from Joel.

“On my way to date night,” said Grace.

In another post, she posted a glimpse of her date with the mysterious guy whom she has yet to reveal the identity.

Her fans expressed happiness after they saw Grace already moving on from her ex-partner.

“Enjoy your life with Miss Grace and I know you are strong and independent woman so there is a guy you deserve,” netizen Melody said.

“Wow it didnt take long to devalue Pambansang Kolokoy well good on ya Ms Grace you know whatever the other party says people will see who has the bad karma at the end and obviously you have your way so perfectly moving so smoothly without any guilt. Proud of you po,” netizen May remarked.

It can be recalled that Joel and Grace separated in January 2022, due to an alleged third party.

Grace even revealed that she sacrificed too many things just to keep her family whole and even tolerated Joel not paying their bills.

“You stayed, you lived at my house for free, you didn’t pay for mortgage, bills, groceries, anything… You didn’t pay for anything, and the whole time, I didn’t know that you were cheating on me,” she said.

“When you were evicted twice from your apartment, who did you run to first me, right? You came to me, and you wanted to stay at my house, the house that you stayed at for free. You wanted your family and your new family to stay at my house after what you did to me. You had the guts to ask me to stay here,” she added.


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