Miss Grace, binulgar na hindi nagbabayad ng bills si Pambansang Kolokoy noong magkasama sila

Grace Mondina, also known as Marites, accused her ex-partner, Joel Mondina, who’s using the alias ‘Pambansang Kolokoy,’ of still using her to gain money by not deleting their videos.

In her vlog, Grace said that she asked Joel to delete their videos on her social media page, but the latter pleaded, saying that he could not earn money if he decided to delete their content.

“When you left, I told you I asked you to take down all my pictures, all of my videos from your social media platforms because you are making money out of me, out of those videos that we made,” said Grace.

“You threaten that if you don’t make money, you won’t be able to pay child support, so are you saying that CJ and I are helping you pay for child support, so we’re practically paying us, paying our own child support,” she added.

Grace even proved that Joel was not standing alone by showing an email she received from her former partner asking her to cover his eye checkup.

She even revealed that Joel was not contributing to their monthly bills while living together.

The content creator even said that Joel asked her to let his new family stay at her house.

“You stayed, you lived at my house for free, you didn’t pay for mortgage, bills, groceries, anything… You didn’t pay for anything, and the whole time, I didn’t know that you were cheating on me,” she said.

“When you were evicted twice from your apartment, who did you run to first me, right? You came to me, and you wanted to stay at my house, the house that you stayed at for free. You wanted your family and your new family to stay at my house after what you did to me. You had the guts to ask me to stay here,” she added.

As of writing, Joel has yet to respond to Grace.

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