Robbby Tarroza may ibubunyag umano tungkol kay Sharon Cuneta at Gabby Concepcion

Former showbiz personality Robby Tarroza said that he would reveal an information about megastar Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion.

It can be recalled that Robby gained thousands of engagements on social media after he claimed through a Facebook post that Francis Magalona was not legally married to Pia Magalona.

While there was sufficient evidence to disprove the claims of Robby, the US-based creative director seems to want to continue the exposure he got by talking about other celebrities like Sharon and Gabby, who had just recently held their reunion concert.

Robby claimed that he was a former producer of Sharon and Gabby, so he had some trivia that he could share about the annulled couple.

“Sa mga gusto ko magsalita tungkol kay Sharon at kay Gabby, since naging producer ako ng dalawa, pls like my post and comment. If umabot ng 300 I will talk. Try me po! lol,” he said.

Robby was a controversial producer who allegedly used unethical practices to prevent celebrities who were not under his management.

In 2005, late actor Rudy Fernandez confronted Robby in Japan after the former’s show was postponed due to the latter’s action.

Rudy was so disappointed as he was put under the custody of Japanese immigration even if he had legal papers to perform in the said country.

However, one of Rudy’s colleagues reportedly had no permission from his boss to do a show in Japan, an information passed by Robby to the Japanese Embassy.

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