Ilang netizens, inalala ang pagsugod ni Rudy Fernandez kay Robby Tarroza sa Japan

Former producer and showbiz personality Robby Tarroza went viral on social media last week after he published several claims against Pia Magalona amid the revelation made by Abegail Rait about her alleged relationship with Francis Magalona.

In a Facebook post, Robby claimed that Pia was already married even before she met Francis, and he also said that the master rapper was already done with the latter.

Because of his popularity on social media, several netizens remembered that this was not the first time Robby became controversial because of his actions.

Some netizens talked about an incident in 2005 where the late actor Rudy Fernandez heatedly confronted Robby in Japan after the former discovered that the former producer wanted them to be put under the custody of immigration and forced to fly back to the Philippines.

According to the reports, Robby allegedly wrote a letter to the Japanese Embassy to inform them that one of Rudy’s colleagues for the show, Justin de Leon, would perform without his bosses’ consent.

It was reported that Robby was doing the said practice against celebrities performing in Japan who were not under his promotion.

When Rudy returned to Japan after a week, he dedicated his free time to tracing Robby, whom he found at the Viva office in Narita.

Robby experienced what Rudy was doing to his enemies in movies for real and was brought to the hospital after the confrontation.

The former producer reportedly apologized for what happened.



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