Francis Magalona lubos umano ang pagsisi sa pagsasama nila ni Pia ayon kay Robby Tarroza: “Yung ugali daw ni pia nakakasira ng utak”

Former showbiz personality Robby Taroza gained the attention of the netizens after he revealed some stories Francis Magalona allegedly shared with him.

In his Facebook post, Robby criticized Francis’ partner, Pia Magalona, saying that the Master Rapper’s wife should stop playing the victim after Abegail Rait’s revelation.

Robby said he met Francis several times and produced several concerts where the latter also performed.

In 2007, Francis shared a personal story with Robby and revealed her alleged relationship problems with Pia.

Robby narrated that Francis regretted being with Pia because of their toxic relationship.

After a few months, Francis revealed that he was already living with another woman.

“Francis then told me he was done with Pia and left her. he told me he couldn’t take it anymore. All the fights and bugbugan nila. Yung ugali daw ni pia nakakasira ng utak. He said he now has peace,” said Robby.

“He mentioned he was with another woman who is totally the opposite sa ugali ni pia. he stressed “ang sarap pala ng ganitong ‘real love’ Robski” yeah he called me Robski lol pang ganster ko yun,” he said.

According to Robby, he believed that Francis really wanted to reveal his real status.

The former producer also said that he personally witnessed how Francis and Pia were badly resolving their differences.

He described the relationship between the two as ‘destructive’ and ‘dysfunctional,’ saying that Francis was happy that he finally left Pia.

“So for all you judgemental people that did not know the real story, Francis and Pia were already seperated before he got into this amazing relationship . He deserved to experience real love atleast once in his lifetime,” he stated.

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