Nakakakilig! Eat Bulaga host Paolo Contis at Arra San Agustin, halata ang pagiging sweet sa isa’t isa

Fans of Eat Bulaga couldn’t stop shipping Paolo Contis and Arra Agustin after they were spotted several times being sweet together on television.

Netizens already noticed the special treatment being received by Arra from her co-host, which sparked rumors that the two were trying to form a love team.

In some videos posted on social media, Paolo was seen having ‘kilig’ moments with Arra.

However, some fans were worried about Paolo’s current partner, Yen Santos would feel seeing her boyfriend being sweet to another woman.

Critics of Paolo also believed that the actor was planning something for Arra.

According to some sources, Paolo was trying to test the waters on the possible love team between him and Arra.

But they said that Arra was not romantically linked to Paolo, and she was not yet interested in dating her co-host.

Arra also reportedly described Paolo as a ‘very caring’ person.

As of writing, Yen has yet to give any statement on the acts being done by her boyfriend.

It can be recalled that Paolo and Yen were also co-stars before they started dating.

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