Epy Quizon, ibinahagi na muntikan na silang magpalitan ng kamao ni Francis Magalona: “He thought I’m annoying”

Actor Epy Quizon shared his untold story working with Francis Magalona during his appearance on the GanjaHoops podcast.

According to him, his first meeting with Francis was not good, and they almost fought each other.

Epy said that he only wanted to introduce himself to Francis, but the latter found him ‘annoying,’ which resulted in a clash between them.

“And I was gonna go and approach him, and say ‘hey I’m Dolphy’s son’ and of all that,” said Epy. “But he thought I was like being annoying, we almost got in a first fight,”

However, a day after the incident, Epy, who was prepared for another confrontation with Francis, was surprised that the master rapper approached him and apologized.

“I go to the next taping day. My father (Dolphy) is there, he sees me, he said ‘I’m sorry’ [sabi ko] ‘Bro, lalapit ako sayo eh, magpapakilala ako sayo eh, hinamon mo ako ng suntukan eh andito ako ngayon, ready na ako, nag stretching na ako,” he narrated.

Despite his experience with Francis, Epy mourned so much after the passing of the master rapper.

“I was listening to Kaleidoscope World like twenty times while crying. That how I love the guy,” he said.

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