Ellen Adarna, sinabing kayang mabuhay ng walang karangyaan wag lang mawala ang kanyang ‘yaya’

Actress Ellen Adarna said that she would exchange her luxurious living as long as her trusted nanny, Jessa Mucho, would stay beside her.

In her Instagram post, Ellen showed the visa of her nanny, who just recently got approved to travel to the countries under the European Union.

 “I can live without luxurious things, but I cannot live without Jessa Mae Mucho. The takot of ‘denied’ is real,” said Ellen.

Ellen made the said post after she experienced anxiety about the possible rejection of Jessa’s visa, a hint that she would postpone her trip if ever her nanny couldn’t travel with her.

Netizens couldn’t stop saying ‘sana all’ because of the treatment being received by Jessa to her boss.

It can be recalled that Ellen showed her fans how she experienced difficulties without the assistance of Jessa.

Jessa was also the one taking care of her son Elias, a proof that the actress put all her trust to her ‘yaya.’



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