Rendon Labador pumalag sa gagawing imbestigasyon sa kanya ng PNP: “Hindi ko kayo uurungan!”

Several days after returning from Facebook, motivational speaker Rendon Labador was facing another issue after the Philippine National Police (PNP) flagged his coordination with the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG).

On October 20, 2023, Rendon went viral on social media after he published a live video of the operation conducted by ACG against an online lending company in Makati City.

The faces of the employees working at the said company were seen, which prompted several family members of the accused to rush to the office of the lending company to criticize Rendon.

On Monday, PNP said that they were planning to investigate Rendon and ACG for the incident.

“We are looking into this…Definitely, we don’t encourage ‘yung ganung klaseng actions. We’ll be making some directives and we will initiate measures so as to assure we don’t repeat the same incident,” PNP chief General Benjamin Acorda Jr. said.

Acorda cited that Rendon possibly didn’t follow the Revised Media Relations Policy of PNP, where it was indicated that no one should be allowed to record the actual operations of the authorities.

Meanwhile, Rendon was not happy with the investigation launched by the PNP against him, saying that he was only promoting the good deeds of ACG.

“ANO ANG KASO KO??? Na tumulong ako sa mga biktima? Na pinakita ko lang accomplishment ng PNP ACG na hindi naman ninyo pinapansin dati??? Lahat ng haharang harang sa advocacy kong makatulong sa taumbayan hindi ko kayo uurungan,” said Rendon.


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