Mickey Ablan, ibinahagi ang mensahe ng anak na si Yzabel Ablan bago ito pumanaw: “Hindi na talaga ako makahinga”

Mickey Ablan shared one of the last messages of his daughter, Yzabel Ablan, who passed on October 7, 2023, after years of battling several health conditions.

In his Facebook post on October 14, 2023, Mickey shared a conversation between Yzabel and someone she called ‘Kuya,’ showing that his daughter was already complaining about her breathing.

According to Yza, she was already preparing herself for the worst-case scenario because of her condition.

“Hindi na talaga ako makahinga and I really felt na wala na like end na pero one thing I did I asked the Lord am I done?” said Yza.

“Life is really short noh. I mean when I was at that moment not being able to breathe I was scared but ready at the same time,” she also said.

It can be recalled that Pepito Manaloto star Janna Dominguez, the mother of Yzabel, said that they were not aware of the condition of her daughter.

Janna said that Yzabel was known for being secretive with her condition and they thought that she was already okay.

“She was at her condo in Manila when she suddenly had difficulty breathing. Kasama niya Yaya Ate Lyn niya that time. Ate Lyn called us kaya dumiretcho na kami agad ng Manila. Pero wala, after multiple attempts to revive her, wala na talaga. God called her back home na,” Janna wrote.

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