Ama ni Yzabel Ablan, patuloy parin sinisisi ang nangyari sa kanyang anak: “I’m so sorry My Baby Girl Yzabel please forgive Daddy”

Mickey Ablan couldn’t hide his regrets over what happened to his daughter Yzabel Ablan, who recently passed away due to a lung condition.

In his post, Mickey said that he was not informed by Yzabel about her actual state, saying that his daughter might still be alive if he was aware of what was happening.


He said Yzabel only told her friends about her breathing problems, so he thought everything would be fine.

“Maybe the outcome would have been different. Why tell your friends’ lang? You should have told me,” Mickey wrote.

“Dapat I should have brought you na agad sa Hospital that Friday night. I should have been more diligent. All I gave you was your inhaler and water,” he added.


Mickey also couldn’t hide his disappointment over the doctor who checked Yzabel, who gave him ‘garbage meds.’

I’m so sorry My Baby Girl Yzabel please forgive Daddy, I love you,” he said.

It can be recalled that Yzabel only told one of his friends about her worsening condition, saying that she had breathing problems for weeks.


Yzabel also said that she was prepared already to meet her creator.

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