Pepito Manaloto star Janna Dominguez discloses reason of her daughter’s passing

Pepito Manaloto cast Janna Dominguez revealed the reason for the passing of her daughter Yzabel Ablan.

In her Facebook post, Janna narrated the last moments of her daughter, who disclosed her health problems several years ago.


According to Janna, they thought that everything would be okay because she was being treated well by her doctors.

“Nagpa-checkup siya the day before and doctor gave her meds na kaya iniisip namin OK na.” said Janna.

However, she was informed by one of their staff that Yzabel suddenly had difficulties on breathing.

“She was at her condo in Manila when she suddenly had difficulty breathing. Kasama niya Yaya Ate Lyn niya that time. “Ate Lyn called us kaya dumiretcho na kami agad ng Manila. Pero wala, after multiple attempts to revive her, wala na talaga. God called her back home na,” she wrote.

Janna said she died from “sudden heart failure” and “lung infection.”




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It can be recalled that Yzabel revealed that she had Lupus, Vitiligo, and Moyamoya, which she described as uncurable.


“I cannot get exposed to sunlight, I cannot get emotional, I cannot be tired. There are countless of “cannot” living with SLE. Growing up I felt dismayed all the time. I get this feeling that I am very useless and cannot do anything I like. And also I was not confident before. I felt so betrayed because unlike other kids before, they do not have life the way I do,” Yzabel wrote.

“But then growing up I slowly encountered God. I grew my faith. and learned that despite all these circumstances, I continue to try to live a normal life. That everything has a purpose in life,” she added.


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