Vice Ganda sings Kamikazee song in Sorsogon after the OPM band got ousted from the province

Comedian Vice Ganda couldn’t stop making a joke about what happened to OPM band Kamikazee who reportedly got ousted from the event they were supposed to attend.

It can be recalled that Kamikazee announced that they were set to perform at the Kasanggayahan Festival in Sorsogon, but the governor of Sorsogon, Governor Boboy Hamor announced that the the band would not appear on the stage anymore.

According to a talent coordinator who worked with Kamikazee, the band refused to pose for a photo at one of the most popular tourist spots in Sorsogon, dismaying the governor.

Hamor vowed that he would not let Kamikazee visit Sorsogon again after the incident.

The governor clarified that he still paid the talent fee of the band, but he would not allow them to perform anymore after they alleged refusal of his request.

Meanwhile, Vice who also attended the show couldn’t stop referring to what happened to the band and even sang one of the most popular songs of Kamikazee.

During the performance, Vice was singing a song by Taylor Swift when he suddenly transitioned by blending the foreign song with Kamikazee’s Narda.

The performance received a loud cheers from the audience.

As of writing, Kamikazee has yet to give any statement on what happened to them.

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