Pambansang Kolokoy, binanggit ang kanyang mga naibigay sa anak nila ni Marites.

Joel Mondina, popularly known as Pambansang Kolokoy, mentioned the things he gave to his children to prove that he was also a responsible father.

In a vlog, Joel tried to disprove the argument of her former partner Grace Mondina, saying that he was not missing giving financial support to their children.

In his post, Joel mentioned that his children received a gaming console from him.

“Magkano ba ngayon ang playstation? Tapos magkano ang X-box? Tapos magkano yung mga bala? Siguro mga bente or isandaang bala ng X-box o Playstation?” the controversial influencer said.

Joel also claimed that he was sending 400 USD (22,747 PHP) from the things his son wanted to buy, aside from that, he was also sending 700 USD (39, 807 PHP) every month to his children.

According to him, sending money to his children forced him to save a lot because his earnings as a content creator were not enough to cover all his expenses.

It can be recalled that Grace posted a video to mention the acts done by her former partner, including the time when the content creator cheated on her.

However, Joel said that it was better for Grace to move on instead of throwing criticisms against him, saying that he was already happy with his new partner Down Esguerra.

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