Pambansang Kolokoy takes a swipe to Marites: “Alam mo ba ‘yung salitang move on’

Joel Mondina, also known as Pambansang Kolokoy, swiped against his former partner Grace Mondina after the latter posted her reaction video to his interview with talent manager Ogie Diaz.

It can be recalled that Grace revealed many details about her relationship with Joel, including their scripted videos on social media, which she had been asking to be deleted.

Grace also alleged that Joel was not paying their bills during their relationship.

The content creator even accused Joel’s new partner, Sherrine Esguerra, of stalking her on social media.

“For Dawn Sherrine Esguerra, please stop stalking my social media platforms, you and your minions. You need to move on. You’re already with Joel. You already have him. You can have him. Just grow up. Stop stalking me. Stop saying things that are so mean, so cruel just because I’m living my life,” Grace said.

However, Joel made a message that netizens quickly guessed as his reaction to Grace’s allegations against him.

According to him, it’s already time for both sides to ‘move on.’

“Dapat pag tahimik na yung tao at mukhang masaya na, tantanan na at huwag kung ano ano pang mga paninira ang sinasabi. Mag tatatlong taon na, alam mo ba yung salitang “MOVE ON”?” said Joel.

Meanwhile, netizens believed Grace had already responded to Joel’s post by asking the latter to delete their videos.

“Pambansang Kolokoy, prove to your followers you have moved on by taking down my videos with you from your channels. Thank you!” she wrote.

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