Miss Grace, hinamon si Pambansang Kolokoy na burahin na ang kanilang mga videos

Grace ‘Marites’ Mondina challenged her former partner Joel Mondina, also known as ‘Pambansang Kolokoy,’ to stop milking their past contents and move on.

Through her social media page, Grace said that if Joel really wanted to prove that he already moved on with their relationship, the latter should just delete their videos.

“Pambansang Kolokoy, prove to your followers you have moved on by taking down my videos with you from your channels. Thank you!”

It can be recalled that Grace said that all the content they created during their relationship was fake and scripted.

Grace also shared that she asked Joel many times to delete their video, but the content creator kept saying that he would lose income if he granted her wish.

“When you left, I told you I asked you to take down all my pictures, all of my videos from your social media platforms because you are making money out of me, out of those videos that we made,” said Grace.

“You threaten that if you don’t make money, you won’t be able to pay child support, so are you saying that CJ and I are helping you pay for child support, so we’re practically paying us, paying our own child support,” she added.

As of writing, Joel has yet to respond to Grace’s post.

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