Senyor Agila, denies that it was his decision to lead Socorro Bayanihan Services: “Hindi ko po ito kagustuhan”

Jey Rence ‘Senior Agila’ Quilario, the president of Socorro Bayanihan Services Inc. (SBSI), denied that he decided to be the president of the alleged cult based in Surigao Norte.

During the joint committee senate hearing on September 28, Quilario said that their former president, Rosalina Taroc, pushed him to become the leader of SBSI.

According to him, he was now being judged by many people because of his leadership under SBSI, even if he didn’t want to lead the alleged cult.

“Sakit po isipin na parang hinusgahan na po ako ng lahat, kasi yung pagka-presidente ko ng Socorro Bayanihan Services Inc. ay hindi ko po kagustuhan, kung hindi lang sa aming presidente na si Rosalina Taroc,” said Quilario.

He also denied that he proclaimed himself as the reincarnation of Santo Niño, who symbolizes the young Jesus Christ.

According to him, he was started to be called ‘Senior Agila’ not because he was considered the Messiah but because it was his alias as a recording artist.

However, the lawmakers didn’t buy the explanations made by Quilario, and they decided to cite him in contempt.

Because of this, Quilario was currently put under the custody of the senate and was not allowed to return to Surigao.

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