Anak diumano ni Manny Pacquiao sa labas, inumpisahan na ang career bilang boksinghero

A 19-year-old man who claimed to be an illegitimate child of the only eight-division champion, Manny Pacquiao, had already started to follow the footsteps of the boxing champion.

In a Facebook post, Nissi Icasiano shared that the alleged child of Pacquiao in another woman, Eman Bacosa, already fought his first professional boxing match last Saturday, September 23.

He debuted on ‘Blow by Blow,’ ironically promoted by Pacquiao.

However, the 5’10 professional boxer’s first fight ended in a split draw.

If the reports were accurate, Bacosa was the second child of Pacquiao who entered the boxing ring.

It can be recalled that the eldest child of Pacquiao, Jimuel, was already participating in amateur matches.

In 2006, Eman’s mother, Joanna Rose Bacosa, surfaced in public and revealed that she had a relationship with Pacquiao.

According to Joanna Rose, they met in March 2003 at a hotel in Manila where she worked as a waitress.

She claimed to have a relationship with Pacquiao and had a child.

The woman even said that the support she was receiving from Pacquiao suddenly stopped.

She filed charges against Pacquiao during that time for not sending child support to their children.

However, the court junked the case, saying there was no probable cause for them to pursue the charges against Pacquiao.



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