Matapos himukin na umiwas sa kanin, Miel Pangilinan inamin na nakaranas siya ng ‘eating disorder’

Sharon Cuneta’s daughter, Miel Pangilinan admitted that she suffered from having an eating disorder, which she already overcome.

In a video she posted on social media, Miel said that her eating disorder caused her to avoid nutritious foods during her teenage years, which badly affected her health.

Miel said that her experience made her disappointed about the comments being written by random people who were acting like they knew her situation.

“One of the things I’ve been trying to relearn is the fact that I have to stop eliminating important nutrients from my diet. Part of my eating disorder was a very obsessive focus on carbs and avoiding it, which caused me to lose a lot of nutrition at a very early teenage,” said Miel.

“And I’m just sharing this so I hope you understand why comments like this really do affect me. I know you’re looking out for me, and I know you’re probably a very sweet person, but there needs to be a little bit more of awareness of boundaries, because this is not a comment you should be saying to a random stranger.” she added.

It can be recalled that a netizen asked Miel to reduce her intake of rice.

However, Miel said that she would not accept advice from random people.

“It feels condescending. And I’m very, very tired of it. I’m sorry. I don’t need this kind of concern from you because I have my own parents, my own siblings, and my own nutritionist who are properly looking out for me and my health,” she stated.

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