Izzy Trazona, may mensahe matapos ulanin ng batikos sa social media: “Lord is my shield!”

Former dancer Izzy Aragon-Trazona made a post after criticisms were thrown against her by the netizens after she publicly criticized her son Andrei Trazona who decided to out herself as a drag queen.


On September 14, Izzy showed that she was not affected by the negative comments against her, saying that she was being protected by the Lord.

In her post, she highlighted the support she received from some of her fans instead of addressing the negative comments against her.

“Thank you Lord for another day! For all the messages, sobrang daming nag pm, thank you will all my heart sa concern and prayers! And even testimonies of how the Lord worked and changed your lives! Sobrang daming encouraging messages,” said Izzy.


“I’am amazingly at peace, the Lord is my shield! I am continuously praying and full of hope [Praying emoji]” she added.

It can be recalled that Izzy went viral on social media after she publicly opposed the decision of her child who outed herself as drag queen Sophia.

“Andrei anak, I love you so much to not support you on things that will harm you. I am always here for you…your mama, mahal na mahal kita,” she stated.


Meanwhile, Sophia’s father, Matthew Navarro contradicted the reaction made by Izzy and expressed support to his child.

“Dalaga na ang anak ko!” said Matthew.

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