Kaye Abad denies walking with a bunch of bodyguards at a mall: “Mga chismosa kayo ng taon,”

Actress Kaye Abad insisted that she had bodyguards while she was buying supplies at a mall in Cebu.

The rumors started to circulate on social media after a netizen posted a video of Kaye while walking at the said mall together with a bunch of men wearing white polo shirts.

Some people assumed that the said men were guarding Kaye and her family.

Several netizens also criticized Kaye for being extravagant and some even said that the actress was assuming that people would swarm her, which explained why she wanted many guards around her.

However, some fans defended the actress, saying that the guards surrounding her were part of the protocol of the mall for celebrities who visited them.

In a statement, Kaye also said that she was always alone when doing her groceries.

“I’m always alone when I do my groceries. Or sometimes kasama ko ang kids. Pero walang bodyguards,” the actress said.

“Mga chismosa kayo ng taon,” she added.


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Kaye was married to actor Paul Jake Castillo, a member of the family that owns International Pharmaceuticals Inc. so netizens said that it was understandable if Kaye could afford to have many bodyguards.

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