Netizens remember’s Mike Enriquez’s ‘Mga Kapuso, uuwi na po ako’ line: “Now, it hits different.”

For almost five decades, Mike Enriquez was known not only for his iconic voice and news delivery but also because of some of the memes that he was subjected to by netizens.

Some of his most memorable lines were his ‘excuse me po!” every time he was coughing in the middle of his news delivery, his error when he mentioned ‘sumbungan ng hotdog’ instead of ‘sumbungan ng bayan’ and the ‘Ang Sarap mo Pia’ lines when he was trying to thank Iya Villania during 24 Oras’ segment Chika Minute.

His errors proved that even the most seasoned journalist like Enriquez was still vulnerable to mistakes.

When he passed away on August 29, netizens also remembered a video showing Enriquez saying ‘Mga Kapuso, uuwi na po ako,” who made a long pause after delivering the said lines.

The video went viral and became subject to memes because netizens thought that Enriquez was telling the public that he was about to go home.

However, the video circulating on social media was trimmed and the real story was Enriquez was only mentioning the tweet from former Sen. Panfilo Lacson during the Eleksyon 2022 coverage.

The said video went viral again on social media after some netizens said that ‘Uuwi na po ako’ line hits differently now that the veteran journalist passed away.

“24 oras will never be the same without Sir Mike Enriquez. Rest in Peace, Sir Mike! Now, I remembered his one of the most iconic lines,” netizen user said.

“Mga Kapuso, uuwi na po ako” Before, we made fun of it. Now, it hits different.  Sir Mike, umuwi ka na nga nang tuluyan, umuwi ka na sa piling ng ating Maykapal. Maraming Salamat sa serbisyo mo, Sir Mike. Mananatili kang legend sa puso ng bawat tao at sa mundo ng broadcasting,” he added.

“This moment hits different now na talagang umuwi na siya. RIP Sir Mike,” netizen Johnny remarked.


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