‘Mahagin yan’ Dating pulis na si Willie Gonzales, isinalarawan ng isa sa kanyang mga naging kasamahan

Retired policeman Willie Gonzales went viral on social media after he was involved in a traffic altercation with a cyclist on August 8.

Because of the incident, many netizens became curious about Gonzales’ background which resulted in the revelation of his past cases.


According to the report of Daily Tribune, the 63-year-old retired policeman was once stationed at the Quezon City Police Department.

His career ended after the Office of the Ombudsman dismissed Gonzales, together with his ten other policemen for allegedly accepting bribes from two Chinese Nationals.

The Ombudsman found that Gonzales’ group freed the two suspects who were caught carrying 1.5kg of illegal substance.


A former colleague of Gonzales told the Daily Tribune that there was something wrong with the retired policeman’s attitude even during his career as a cop.

“Medyo may hangin yan,” a retired policeman who claimed to work with Gonzales told the publication.

‘May hangin’ was a Filipino idiom to describe an individual with a ‘proud’ and ‘boastful’ behavior.


Meanwhile, Gonzales was expected to face multiple charges for allegedly endangering the life of the cyclist he confronted.

However, the retired policeman insisted that it’s already impossible for him to face charges because he already settled the issue with the cyclist.

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