Chot Reyes blames Gilas Pilipinas loss to Jordan Clarkson’s disqualification: ‘It’s really a big blow for us’

Gilas Pilipinas Coach Chot Reyes blamed the loss of their team after one of their top players Jordan Clarkson was fouled out during their FIBA World Cup game against the Dominican Republic on August 25, 2023.

In an interview, Reyes said that the disqualification of Clarkson during the 4th quarter of the game against the Dominican Republic.

The 87-81 loss disappointed millions of Gilas fans.

“I might get fined, but it’s pretty obvious to everyone here. We all know basketball, and we understand it could have been easily a let-go,” said Reyes.

“We competed hard. Unfortunately, the disqualification of Jordan was really a big blow for us. But we can’t worry about that now as we have to focus on our next game. A quick turnaround for us and we’re gonna get ready for Angola.” he added.

Meanwhile, Clarkson still thanked the fans for showing their support even if the game didn’t favor the hosting country.

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