Samsung Electro-Mechanics distance the company from their workers who went viral after throwing things around a private resort

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines distanced its company from the activities done by their workers who went viral on social media after they destroyed the equipment in a private resort they rented.

It can be recalled that businesswoman Noneth Palentino posted the aftermath of the party, showing that several pieces of furniture, utensils, and even water dispensers were found littered in the pool.

Later on, the workers were identified as people working with Samsung, but the company said that the outing was not sponsored by them.

In an official statement they released on August 15, said that the said outing was not part of an official event of their company.

“We would like to inform you that this is not an official event of the company, but a personal deviation made at private meeting of some employees, so please refrain from expanding and reproducing contents that are different from the facts through some social media,” the company statement read.

“Respect towards others as well as professionalism are of highest importance to SEMPHIL. The disturbing incident is not a reflection of SEMPHIL employees’ values. SEMPHIL employees expressed utmost concern that the irresponsible posting of wrong information may tend to adversely affect their true character, which they have nurtured and protected,” they added.

As of writing, SEMPHIL has yet to confirm if they suspended or completely remove the said workers from their job.

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