Ariel Villasanta writes an open letter to Pura Luka Vega: ‘People don’t have to know you to judge you’

Comedian Ariel Villasanta addressed the statement made by drag queen Pura Luka Vega against the people who declared him persona non grata.

It can be recalled that Pura’s world was shrinking as he was being declared persona non grata in different places in the Philippines because of her controversial “Ama Namin” performance.

He’s now considered unwelcome to visit the following provinces: Manila City, Laguna, Cagayan de Oro City, Floridablanca, Nueva Ecija, San Pablo City, Toboso, General Santos City, and Bukidnon.

Pura responded to the declaration against him, saying that people were judging him already without knowing him.

However, Ariel who became popular with his tandem with Maverick Relova, said that people judged Pura by his actions.

“People don’t have to know you to judge you. You are judged by your actions. A judge does not have to know a criminal to make a judgment,” said Ariel. “Art is not an excuse for a disrespectful act. Try mong e-mock si Allah, malamang alla ka na din sa mundo,”

“E-mock mo na din si Satanas para persona non grata ka sa impierno! De ligtas ka diba!” he added.

Netizens praised Ariel for his message to Pura and some were hoping that the drag queen would apologize for his actions.

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