‘Magandang Dilag’ actor Rob Gomez has been questioned by netizen for the photo shared by his girlfriend

‘Magandang Dilag’ actor Rob Gomez has been receiving criticisms on social media from netizens who wanted an explanation after his girlfriend Miss Millenial 2018 Shaila Rebortera posted photos of her bruised arm.

In the now-deleted photo, Shaila posted several photos of her while showing her visibly bruised body and face, several days after she revealed her relationship with the Kapuso actor.

She even mentioned Rob’s social media page on one of her posts, with captions: ‘It’s just social media’; ‘I’m just protecting my career’; and ‘Let the show stay number one’

Several netizens guessed that Rob was upset by the revelation made by Shaila about their family during the peak of his career as one of the leading actors of Magandang Dilag.

Rob’s role was one of the love interests of the leading character, Gigi who’s being portrayed by Herlene Budol.

It can be recalled that on August 4, 2023, Shaila shared several photos of her daughter with Rob.

“I’ve always been told to wait for the perfect time to tell the world about you. However, I realized, there is no such thing as ‘perfect time.’ she said.

As of writing, Shaila and Rob have yet to give any statement on the issue.


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