Lea Salonga fan talks about Filipino crab mentality: “Napakasakit tanggapin pero eto ang katotohanan”

The fan of Lea Salonga who went viral last month talked about one of the bad traits of some Filipinos.

In his vlog, Christopher Carpila talked about ‘crab mentality,’ saying that while it was hard to accept, pulling down other people was one of the habits of some Filipinos.

He urged his fans to stop pulling down other people and just be happy with them.

“Guys tigilan na natin ang crab mentality,” said Christopher. “Let’s just be happy with each and everyone. Yan ang matagal ko ng dasal,”

“Kung may magagawa lang talaga ako na paraan para tulungan ang lahat ng mga taong naghihirap gagawin ko.. Yan ang makakapagpaluwag ng dibdib ko eh,” he added.

The vlogger also said that he wished to help everyone, but he admitted that he was not capable of doing it.

Christopher went viral last July after he recorded his meeting with Lea who refused to have a photo op with them.

The content creator received criticism from netizens and gained thousands of new followers.

He also set the record straight that he never regret posting the said video, saying that sharing it made him feel better.


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