Zombie talks about Jose Manalo’s joke to him: “Hindi ko alam na may issue pala”

E.A.T host Tugue Zombie talked about the issue being made by several netizens about the joke that his co-host Jose Manalo said to him.

On August 5, 2023, Zombie said that he was unaware that the joke made by Jose about his skin color became a big issue and some netizens even called the attention of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to summon the producers of E.A.T.

Motivational speaker Rendon Labador also joined the issue and even gave an ultimatum to MTRCB until Monday to summon Jose.

According to him, there’s nothing wrong with Jose’s joke about him.

“Sa pagkarinig ko, I did not feel or hear anything bad or that affects me, parang good vibes lang kaming dalawa,” said Zombie. “We’re just laughing, good vibes, we just making everybody happy.. That’s our goal,”

“Walang mali diyan okay, if I come out and tell you that what he say hurts me, then okay, pero walang mali diyan. It did not hurt me, no.. Walang mali diyan,” he added.

Zombie was wondering why the netizens became too sensitive to the said joke.

“Wag kayong maging pakialamera sa mga bagay na hindi para sayo. Mind your business please, always mind your business,” he stated.

The Nigerian comedian pointed out that he was happy with his Sugod Bahay team and he considered them as his second family.

Zombie also urged the netizens to respect Jose, saying that the veteran comedian was already making people happy for decades and he knew what was right and wrong.

“Wag kayong magiging sensitive sa mga joke namin sa Sugod Bahay,” he remarked.

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