Tito Sotto downplays TAPE’s renewal of Eat Bulaga trademark

E.A.T host Tito Sotto downplayed the successful renewal made by Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc. on the Eat Bulaga trademark.

It can be recalled that the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) granted another 10-year ownership of Eat Bulaga and EB trademark to TAPE, meaning that they would be given the right to use the brand until 2033.

In a statement sent to the press, Sotto said that they were not focusing on the ownership of Eat Bulaga trademark even if Joey de Leon reportedly attempted to register it under his name.

According to him, it was more important for them to gain the ownership of Eat Bulaga ‘copyright,’ which according to their legal counsel, was more powerful than owning a trademark.

“Magsawa sila sa trademark basta amin ang copyright,” said Sotto.

Atty. Buko dela Cruz, the legal counsel of TVJ said that ownership of copyright was automatically given to the one who invented it.

The lawyer also said that there’s no need to register copyright ownership.

Joey claimed several times that he was the one who invented the title Eat Bulaga, while Vic Sotto was the one who wrote its theme song.

TAPE was currently facing a copyright infringement complaint from TVJ.


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