Concern citizen finds unclaimed national ID in a dumpster

The Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) was one of the biggest projects of the government under the administration of former President Rodrigo Duterte, which aimed to provide a ‘national ID’ for every Filipino in the country.

Millions of Filipinos quickly availed of the program and because of its demand, the government faced backlogs and some were forced to wait for months or even years before their IDs to arrive.

That’s why many netizens were disappointed when a concerned citizen revealed that some of the unclaimed national IDs were found in a dumpster.

In a video posted by @Joketerte on X, the concerned citizen opened several envelopes he found in a pile of trash that turned out to contain unclaimed national IDs.

The uploader showed the cards to inform their owners about the status of their national IDs.

It was possible that the owners were unaware of the status of their IDs and they probably thought were still in the process of being made.

Meanwhile, motivational speaker Rendon Labador reacted to the video and even criticized the government for dumping unclaimed IDs instead of trying to reach out to their owners.

“Good news! Ang National ID puwede ng i-claim, puntahan niyo lang po sa basurahan,” he said.

As of writing, the Philippine Statistics Office has yet to give any response to the discovery made by the concerned citizen.

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