Drag queen na si Bernie, kontra sa pagdamay sa relihiyon sa kanilang mga performance: “Mahirap na yon”

Drag Race Philippines season two contestant Bernie believed that there were boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed on their craft.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal, Bernie Barrantes believed that drag artists like her should not involve religion during their performances.

“Wag na nating idamay yung mga religion. Kasi mahirap na yun,” said Bernie.

He also agreed that drag artists should still respect the beliefs of other people.

It can be remembered that another drag artist, Pura Luka Vega received a tremendous amount of criticism online after she cosplayed ‘Jesus Christ’ while singing a remixed version of Ama Namin at a party last month.

Vega had been declared persona-non-grata in different provinces in the country and also received a lawsuit from a religious group.

Despite the criticisms she received from the citizens of the Catholic-majority country, Vega refused to apologize for her performance.

Vega insisted that she never mean to make fun of the Catholic religion.

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