Nonito Donaire Jr. saddened by the prediction of his father that he will get KO’ed: “That stings differently”

4-division world boxing champion Nonito ‘The Filipino Flash’ Donaire was caught off guard when he was informed about the prediction by his father Nonito Donaire Sr. that he would be knocked out by his recent opponent Alexander Santiago.

It can be recalled that Donaire Sr. made the said prediction in the vlog of Filipino boxer Mike Plania, confidently saying that his son would lose against his Mexican opponent.

“Knock out tong si Donaire,” the senior Donaire said.

In his social media post, the future boxing hall-of-famer expressed his disappointment towards his father and even revealed that Donaire Sr. was training someone to defeat him.

“Wow. Just found out that my DAD was predicting I’d get koed by Santiago. That stings differently,” Donaire Jr. xweeted.

“Def his desire. B4 this he said he was training a fighter to beat me n teach me a lesson,” he added.

In another post, the Filipino Flash vowed not to become like his father.

“I’ll take it to ensure my kids never have to feel that I have felt. Hearing my dad say he’s training guys to beat me n teach me a lesson n predict I’m going to get koed just so he can point n laugh is painful,” he said.

“But I will lead with my heart open and vulnerable and hold a safe space of growth, love and understanding so my kids and their kids will NEVER have to feel what I’m feeling. Again Dad, I wish u nothing but happiness. I hope u find that so ur heart will be at peace,” he added.

It can be recalled that Donaire Sr. criticized his own son after the boxing champion removed him from his coaching job.

“I can’t believe that you raised a kid and now that he has more money than his parents, can afford to raised his voice toward his father who molded him of what he is right now. I was talking about Nonito Jr. The UNGRATEFUL SON. He was a jobless man until he became a world champion.” Donaire Sr. stated.

“For 24 years I feed him but when he became a world champion he left me and not even telling me that he hired another trainer.” he added.

However, Donaire Jr’s wife, Rachel said that there was a deeper reason why her husband decided to remove his father.

According to Rachel, Donaire Sr. was taking money from his son boxing allowance without the boxer’s permission.

“He tried to trap me in 2008… because he was accused of stealing. In the 2008 story, Nonito asked me if I got the per diem money because I was acting as manager, but I didn’t. I didn’t sign for it. And Nonito Jr. questioned me because I was supposed to sign for the per diem money. And I was supposed to pass it out.

“But the truth is I didn’t sign for it coz I didn’t know better. And I had to protect myself. I had to involve the promoter. I had to ask who signed for the per diem coz Jr. was accusing me of taking the per diem money, and it wasn’t true. So I asked Top Rank who signed for that per diem money because it wasn’t me. I checked.” she stated.


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