Maine Mendoza’s ‘clone,’ Mari Jean Montecillo speaks after being dragged by AlDub fans on their fake wedding claims

Some AlDub fans were still in denial of the fact that television host Maine Mendoza was already married to actor-politician Arjo Atayde.

In several tweets, a certain group of the defunct love team made different theories to cater to their fantasy that Alden and Maine were together.

The said group, which was led by Mila Cambal claimed that Arjo married Maine’s ‘clone’ and that the ‘real’ television host was already living with Alden and their three children.

According to them, the relationship between Arjo and Maine was part of the ‘zarzuela’ or show orchestrated by GMA and Eat Bulaga to allegedly hide the marriage of the television host and Alden.

They also called the wedding fake, saying that Super Sireyna 2018 contestant Mari Jean Montecillo volunteered to marry Arjo to make the public believe that Maine really married the actor-politician.

However, this amusing theory by AlDub fans was debunked by Mari Jean herself, calling it ‘fake’

Mari Jean clarified that she has been in a relationship but not with Arjo.

“Ayan ha fake news! Hahaha!” she said.

According to some netizens, the reason why some AlDub fans were having delusions was because of their extreme love for the love team that gave them happiness for several years.

Some of them were in denial because they felt ‘betrayed’ after Maine and Alden decided to separate ways.

“For a period of time, Aldub (Alden and Maine being a legit couple) was one of the few things that these folks were 100% sure about. It gave those folks both that sense of “kilig” as well as that sense of stability and that feeling that they have some control over this chaotic world.” Redditor dr_franck said.

“No matter how wild, weird or downright tragic the events in their personal lives were in 2015, they CAN rely on Aldub to make them feel good for a while and even make them feel good about themselves. So when Aldub discontinued, it felt like a betrayal. The one source of certainty in their life was shattered,” he added.

Most fans who made the same claims also belonged to the elderly age group so some experts believed that most of them were just bored or alone and only their fantasy that Alden and Maine were still together was the only thing that gave them comfort.

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