Nonito Donaire Sr. predicts that his son Nonito Donaire Jr. will lose in his upcoming boxing match

Boxing coach Nonito Donaire Sr. predicted that his son, 4-division champion world Nonito ‘The Filipino Flash’ Donaire would lose against his upcoming opponent Alexandro Santiago of Mexico on July 29, 2023.

In the vlog by Filipino boxer Mike Plania, the older Donaire said that his 40-year-old son would be knocked out by Santiago.

“Knock out tong si Donaire,” the coach said.


Netizens were waiting for Donaire Jr, who has 42 wins, 7 losses and 28 knockouts would defy father time by defeating the 27-year-old Santiago, who has 27 wins, 3 losses, and 14 knockouts.

However, Plania said that they were just joking and netizens should not take it seriously.


It can be recalled that Donaire Sr. called his son ‘ungrateful’ for abandoning him despite the help he gave to make The Filipino Flash a world champion in boxing.

“I can’t believe that you raised a kid and now that he has more money than his parents, can afford to raised his voice toward his father who molded him of what he is right now. I was talking about Nonito Jr. The UNGRATEFUL SON. He was a jobless man until he became a world champion.” Donaire Sr. stated.


“For 24 years I feed him but when he became a world champion he left me and not even telling me that he hired another trainer.” he added.

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