Baeby Baste and Broadway Boys reunite with Dabarkads on E.A.T

The special episode of E.A.T turned into a ‘Nostalgia’ trip after they invited several people who became part of the 44-year journey of the TVJ.

The so-called ‘Solid Dabarkads’ couldn’t hide their happiness after Sebastian Benedict Granfon, popularly known as ‘Baeby Baste’ and the Broadway Boys reunited with the former Eat Bulaga hosts during the Saturday episode of E.A.T.

During the special episode of E.A.T, Baste performed a song while his memories with the Dabarkads were being presented in the background.

Baste became Dabarkads eight years ago and netizens were surprised after seeing the young television host all grown up now.

“Laki na ni Baste grabe. Nabubuking na talaga edad ko,” netizen Paw said.

Three members of Broadway Boys, Joshua Lumbao, Benidict Aboyme, and Francis Aglabtin also performed during the said episode.

The group became popular regular weekend performers of Eat Bulaga in 2017 after winning the Lola’s Playlist contest of the noontime show.

Wow. Great to see Broadway Boys again. They sounded good!” netizen Star commented.

Observers believed that TVJ was trying to show that they had more rights to celebrate the 44th anniversary of Eat Bulaga by inviting the people who became part of it through the years.

They also noticed that all hosts of E.A.T were wearing a shirt where a number was imprinted to indicate how many years they have been Dabarkads.

Only Zombie was wearing a shirt without a number because he was only a new host.

People are expecting that more surprise guests would appear on the special episode of E.A.T, which was believed to be the way of TVJ to celebrate the 44th anniversary of their former show.




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