Lea Salonga talks about boundaries after backstage incident: “We’re human beings, first of all. We need to rest.”

International singer Lea Salonga talked about personal boundaries after last week’s viral dressing room incident.

Lea went viral on social media after vlogger, and businessman Christopher Carpilla posted a video where the singer can be seen lecturing her fans who entered the backstage even if they were not included on the guest list.

“GUSTO KO LANG PO IPOST. Bahala na po kayo humusga,” Christopher said in his post.

In an interview on New York Live, the singer explained that she only protected her personal boundaries and that fans should understand that celebrities also have the right to take a rest after their tiring performance.

“We’re human beings, first of all. We need to rest. We need to take time for ourselves when we say goodbye, when we make our curtain call, we head back to the room, that’s it,” said Lea.

“It’s an exhausting thing to do—a show. Even if I do sing one song, just one song, there’s a lot that goes into it, the preparation that goes into it is the same as when I’m preparing to sing for two and a half hours,” she added.

She believed that the issue sparked a conversation about the welfare of celebrities who also wanted to protect their privacy.


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Meanwhile, Christopher insisted that he didn’t invade the boundaries of Lea, and he also stated that he had no regrets for posting the said video.

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