G Toengi, may reaksyon sa pag-name drop sa kanya ng fan na pumasok sa dressing room ni Lea Salonga

Giselle “G” Toengi reminded her followers on social media who were planning to watch ‘Here Lies Love’ at Broadway Theater in New York to follow the ‘safety protocols.’

The actress made the statement after one Filipino fan who watched the show entered the dressing room of one of its cast, Lea Salonga, without permission from the international singer.

The incident had been captured and uploaded by one of the fans, Christopher Carpila, who admitted that they were surprised by Lea’s reaction.

In the video, one of Carpila’s friends can be heard mentioning Toengi’s name, claiming that they were connected to the actress who’s one of the co-producer of the show.

After the incident, Giselle gave clear instructions to the fans who wanted to meet their idols after the show.

“If you want the chance to meet the cast and get your playbills signed, please proceed directly out of the theater to the stage door after the show,” Giselle said.

“So are you’re saying don’t sneak past security, invade the sacred haven of artists, then drop your name to get a picture with Lea?” one of Giselle’s friends, referring to the Lea’s dressing room incident.

“Bingo!” Giselle responded.

Meanwhile, the Filipino fan insisted that they didn’t do something wrong, and the security personnel also guided them to enter the dressing room.

They also admitted that dropping Giselle’s name was an ‘honest mistake’ and never intended to mention the actress’s name.

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