Anyare? Herlene Budol, hindi ire-representa ang Pilipinas sa Miss Tourism World

Hiyas ng Pilipinas announced that Herlene Budol, who recently received the Miss Tourism crown during the Miss Grand Philippines, will not compete in London.

In an official statement, the pageant clarified that its franchise agreement with Miss Tourism World Philippines had already expired on February 18, 2023.

The statement ended the chances for Herlene to represent the country internationally.

“We would like to inform the parties concerned that all contracts, agreements, covenants, and memorandums made prior to February 18, 2023, including franchise agreements, are considered null and void,” the organization stated.

“This includes any franchises that have utilized the tradenames, logos, and music of Hiyas Ng Pilipinas and its affiliates, including but not limited to Miss Tourism World Philippines, Miss Omninational Philippines, and Miss Summit International Philippines,” they added.

Some netizens couldn’t stop themselves from commenting about the irony of Herlene’s current situation.

It can be recalled that netizens Herlene’s sad expression while receiving the crown from Miss Tourism.

Herlene then replied to the said netizens, saying Miss Grand CEO Nawat Itsaragrisil, who’s also being called ‘angkol’ or ‘uncle’ by Filipino pageant fans, wasted her potential.

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